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This is how to gain knowledge about poker

Poker is a very familiar concept when it comes to games. It is often played between friends, but you can also make a trip to the casino for it. Should you fancy yourself a game of poker, there are a number of rules and terms that can be important to understand beforehand. With a piece of knowledge about these different parts, you can play the game a lot better and it will most likely be a lot more fun to play it too.

The basics of poker

To learn poker doesn't take much time, but you obviously need to know what is meant. Poker, however, is a lot trickier to get really good at, but fortunately this doesn't make much of a difference to simply playing a game. Poker has many different types of variants of the game, so the word 'poker' can actually be seen as a collective name for all these different variants. When talking about poker, the version Texas Holdem is often meant, as it is the most well-known and therefore the most frequently played variant. Because there are different versions, you also need to know which rules play a role in which variant.

Once at the table

Once you sit down at the table, the first thing you need to think about is the hands you are going to play with. This may sound a bit strange, but in the poker world there is the term poker hands. This is actually an umbrella term for different card combinations you can make. You can make these card combinations with two cards you are dealt, which are called hole cards, and with five cards that are on the table. The term starting hand refers to the two cards you get from the dealer at the beginning. Not every card combination is equally strong, which is why there are special names for a combination of different cards.

The winning poker hand

There is a ranking that indicates which poker hands are the strongest. Many of the terms for these poker hands may sound familiar to you, and it's certainly good to remember which cards belong to which of course. That way, you know whether you are strong in the game or not. Types of poker hands you have include Royal Flush, Full House and Flush. Royal Flush is the best poker hand and with Full House, three of a kind and a pair come into play. The higher the three of a kind you have, the better. Understanding these different terms makes the game a lot easier to understand and play.

The differences between online gambling and real-life gambling

That online gambling is not quite the same as gambling in a casino should come as no surprise. But what differences actually exist and what does this mean in practice? On Betsquare, you will find the best online gambling sites. Is it something for you or would you rather go to a 'real' casino anyway? Here are eight differences between gambling online and offline in a casino.

1. Not a night out

Holland Casino in particular is part of a night out for many visitors, it is often not the main destination. Even the smaller 'walk-in' casinos are often on the route to somewhere else. Maybe you go to the cinema later or you go out for dinner with a group first. Grabbing a drink, going to a concert and so on. Online gambling you do when it is convenient, it is not otherwise linked to any other activity.

2. You can gamble online any time

There are no opening hours in an online casino. So you don't have to wait to gamble. Maybe you have a moment during the day to relax, or you want to get your adrenaline pumping in the morning. That's something different from a cup of coffee. It can also be just the thing to relax when you get home after a long day at work. At a physical location, there is a lock on the door, which does offer a bit less flexibility.

3. Strip poker is allowed online

You are not allowed to take off your trousers in a Fair Play Casino if you lose during a poker match. At home in your own den, you can gamble in a bathrobe or completely naked. Or in a carnival costume, bikini, a white blouse with a red wine stain... No need to blow-dry your hair or take a shower beforehand. There are people who like to dress up and be seen, but if you only care about the game, online gambling is more for you.

4. The rules are explained

The first time in a casino can be quite intimidating, especially if you don't know the rules well. It feels weird when you have to ask about the rules at a roulette table or how exactly to split at 21. It's the same as blackjack, isn't it? On a website, you can have a quiet look at the rules first, often you can play for free first so you know what you're doing. You can hardly do anything wrong because the software won't let you make wrong choices. This will certainly be ideal for beginners.

5. Poker face is optional

How should you look in a casino? Trying not to show emotions or smiling while not getting a single good card? Professional gamblers can win over their opponents through subtle acting, but the average casino software visitor will be at a disadvantage. In an online casino, it does not matter if you laugh, cry, cheer or curse, the game will not be hindered by it. Incidentally, this is another reason why people who prefer not to be among people due to social anxiety or other reasons are more likely to choose an online casino.

6. The computer decides

Can a croupier be trusted? Of course you can assume so, but they are still people. Many processes are automated, by the way; in an online casino the computer usually plays the boss. So can that software be trusted? In a licensed casino, there are strict controls on the correct operation of the software, checks are also much easier to perform afterwards because all actions are recorded objectively. Incidentally, there are also online casino games with a flesh-and-blood croupier who can be seen on camera.

7. The minimum deposit is lower online

Leaving aside the cost of parking and drinks at the casino, you can start gambling much cheaper on the internet. You will often get free credit already to get started! Instead of euros, you can even play with euro cents, which is a lot quieter anyway. You may of course bet more money but the threshold to play is considerably lower for exactly the same casino games.

8. Always a spot free

It depends a bit on the game, but you can always play a slot machine, for instance. You do not have to wait until a seat is free and your place is not taken if you go to get coins. For specific games, there might be a limit, but in general, there is little waiting time. You don't have to leave your house to visit another casino's website either.

Is online gambling better than at the casino?

The differences seem to point in favour of online gambling, yet this conclusion cannot be drawn so black and white. If you go out with friends or want to have a chat with other visitors then a local casino can certainly be interesting. If you really go for the game and love gambling then an online casino is more obvious. There are also many online gamblers who like to develop their skills in front of the computer first before taking a gamble in a 'real' casino. Then don't forget to comb your hair and put on something decent. You won't even cross the threshold in a dressing gown with flip-flops!

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